My passion is to enliven a congregation’s worship so that it grows deeper in meaning, broader in diversity, and further into the world.

The photo you see above was taken at a small group gathering in which I participated . . . breakfast burritos, chips and salsa, coffee, a candle, wine, bread, a phone, and a printed liturgy . . . In many ways, this eclectic combination of foods and media is representative of the Church and its worship.

The veil between sacred gatherings and everyday life is more transparent than we care to confess. Christ is among us whether we use paper, projection, or digital screens in worship. Christ is among us when we gather for breakfast and when we gather for the holy meal (though these two differ in significance).

Globalization and multiculturalism, ancient tradition and new practices . . . these provide both challenges and opportunities for contextualization of Christian worship. Such contextualization – or inculturation, if you prefer – is essential to the mission of the church and to the meaning of its worship. As a pastoral musician-theologian, I aim to shepherd a congregation’s formation through its corporate worship.

I invite you to read some of my thoughts as I explore this calling! Please open the menu on the top left for links to my pages and blog.


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