Worship Services

I had the privilege of planning and leading worship for Christian Veterinary Mission‘s 3-day conference in August 2017. The organization’s theme was Peace, and our worship times focused on Peace in Resting, Peace in Waiting, and Peace in Calling. My goal was to enliven the group’s worship through song, scripture reading, and homilies. I taught a few hymns from other parts of the world and led many modern and historic hymns. The group’s enthusiastic participation was a delight to me!

Watch a video recording of the first service and view this service’s texts

Hear an audio recording of the final service and view this service’s texts


In February 2015 I was asked to plan and lead a unique worship service to coincide with the biannual meeting of Advisory Board of the Center for Christian Music Studies at Baylor University. The service included half a dozen students in leadership roles and around forty women and men in the congregation. 2 Chronicles 20:16-21 was the designated text for the homily. I designed the entire service around this passage and presented it in four movements that reflected the situation of God’s people in the text as well as our own ongoing reality. My goal was to create a liturgy that followed a simple pattern (reading, affirmation, prayer, song) and encouraged thoughtful participation.

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I served Lake Tapps Christian Church as a congregational intern during the summer of 2014. Although the focus of this role was not worship leadership, I did lead one Sunday service when the music minister was absent.

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I was invited by the Council for World Mission to participate in their May 2014 workshop, “Liturgical Music of the 21st Century: An International Proclamation Through the Art of Music.” Held in Kingston, Jamaica, the workshop brought together participants from each continent and every major Christian faith tradition to discuss the current missional context of the church and to develop liturgical resources for the global church. I was asked to prepare and lead a 20-minute worship service for the first morning of the workshop.

Listen to an audio recording and view the order of worship